Non-woven towels
for your tattoo studio

Buy our non-woven towels for your tattoo studio. Bet on the quality of the cellulose towels, the economy resulting from their use and the express shipping from our online shop.

Buy cellulose towels from Betterink!

  • Quality of towels
    Quality of towels

    Betterink non-woven towels ensure the highest quality of manufacture, which is confirmed by dermatological tests.

  • Towel capacity
    Towel capacity

    Our cellulose towels are extremely efficient. Forget piles of ripping, wasted stacks of towel paper.

  • Unique soft non-woven towels
    Unique soft non-woven towels

    Tattoo towels from BetterInk are extremely soft, gentle and pleasant to the touch towels, being a rest for tired skin during the session.

  • Ecology

    Produkcja naszych ręczników odbywa się w trosce o planetę i jej zasoby. Our towels for tattoo artists are FSC and PFC certified..

  • Dust-free towel texture
    Dust-free towel texture

    The BettrInk towel leaves no residue and towel structures on the tattooed skin, making they are not only pleasant to touch but also hassle-free!.

  • Economical packaging and convenience
    Economical packaging and convenience

    BetterInk non-woven towels are packaged as individual sheets. By using them during your session, you don't waste time or excess towels!

  • Less rubbish
    Less rubbish

    The absorbency of cellulose towels not only makes using them more convenient and beneficial, but generates less litter and waste!.

Non-woven towels for tattooing

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Non-woven towels for tattooing

Non-woven tattoo towels designed with you and your clients in mind

The tattoo community is close to our heart. It is in this industry that we have been operating invariably for many years. Knowing your needs and expectations - as well as those of other tattooists - we have prepared for you a product which definitely improves the comfort of work and, despite its simplicity, increases the quality of the services offered.

The cellulose towels we offer, will be perfect for everyday sessions with clients. Increasing the comfort of your work as well as the feel of the client.

Why should you purchase towels from BetterInk?

Tattoo towels from BetterInk will dramatically reduce waste in your studio, they won't tear, leaving particles of fibre on the body, and the softness of the fibres will soothe your clients' skin during their session in your studio.

Our towels are efficient, economical and pleasant to the touch. Simply put, you must have them in your studio!

Non-woven towels for tattooing

Better work? BetterINK! Bet on our towels!

Tattoo towels from BetterINK not only provide you with greater comfort, but also greater economy. By using our product in your studio, you will no longer generate such a sizeable pile of used towel papers, which to top it all off do not live up to expectations.

Purchase our towels and see that your working conditions can be even more pleasant. For you and your customers.